$10 of each sale goes to LoCo businesses! #HereForGoodLoCo!

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#HereForGoodLoCo + LoCo Threads = Keeping Businesses Here for Good!

About LoCo Threads

LoCo Threads is the little t-shirt shop that is here to serve our local community. 

With events, groups, trips, sports, retail and schools on hold, nearly everything you need a custom shirt for has been impacted. Like many others, our business depends on local activity to survive. These next few weeks and coming months will be challenging and we’re going to do everything we can to get to the other side, but it will be a struggle.

Founded in 2007, we’re a small but mighty home based shop having printed t-shirts for 1000s of customers. You may own a shirt we printed and not even realize it!

The purpose of the Here For Good LoCo program is to help keep us all going!


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