$10 of each sale goes to LoCo businesses! #HereForGoodLoCo!

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What's Here for Good and where did it come from?

#HereForGood COVID19 Relief Concept was developed by the team at Tiny Little Monster – https://tinylittlemonster.com/, a local print shop in St. Louis.  With events, groups, trips, sports, retail and schools on hold, nearly everything you need a custom shirt for has been impacted. Like many others, our business depends on local activity to survive.

Buy a t-shirt and help two local businesses be Here for Good!


How is LoCo Threads complying with Colorado Covid-19 shelter in place orders?

LoCo Threads is a family home based business.  All shirts are printed in house, literally.  Buy a ton of shirts, we've got nothing else to do!  As long as our t-shirt suppliers, UPS and USPS stay open, we can print shirts while complying with shelter in place orders.  
Contact Us with any questions or concerns.


When will the orders be fulfilled & shipped?

All orders are pre-orders, there is no merch on hand. We will collect, print and ship orders throughout April. 
Expect delivery no later than end of May.  Our goal is to get orders shipped within 10 business days of your order.


Can I pick-up my order?

In order to ensure that we're compliant with social distancing policies.  All orders will be shipped via USPS, pick-up is not an option at this time.


What happens if our suppliers shutdown?

As of now, the suppliers that we work with to buy blank t-shirts are still shipping and UPS is still delivering packages. If the pandemic & quarantine interupt our supply chain we may not be able to fulfill your order by the end of May.  If that happens, we'll notify you and ship your shirt when our supply chain is available.  Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

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